Spring 2021 Update

Praise Reports:

- We now have approval and license from the Guatemalan government to host children as an independent, state approved entity. This means we no longer depend on another organization to legitimize us to the government. Praise the Lord for this important milestone! Many legal appointments, action items, a lot of red tape and prayers have gone into this accomplishment.

- We have welcomed new children to our family!

o Baby Daniel is 3.5 months

o Ian and Annie are both 1.5 years old

o Jimmy is almost 2 years old

o Jasmine is 5 years old

o Calixta is 10 years old

- The Lord has provided a new pickup for us, a much-needed dependable means of transportation. Thank you to all who donated to that effort!

- We have 2 nannies who help us with the children (one overnight, one in the daytime), a huge blessing with the “baby boom” in our family.

- The Lord has blessed us with a board in Guatemala as well as new members to the Rayo U.S. board, with a renewed vision of supporting Rayo as we move forward.

Prayer Requests:

- Chevete and Ruby had a beautiful baby girl in September 2020. She had to be hospitalized and went to be with the Lord a few weeks later. Please pray for continued comfort as Chevete and Ruby find grace to move forward.

- We are praying for an accountant to support the administrative work that is an increasing burden, but necessary with the growth and government status we now have.

- Karen’s mother’s health is rapidly failing, please pray for her and Karen’s father in this difficult season.

- We continue to ask the Lord to call house-parents to join us as our family grows and we know that a younger couple could be a huge blessing to the little ones.

- Mike will need eye surgery for an ongoing vision issue, please pray for health and recovery.

- Covid-19 has affected Guatemala as well. We have been blessed with health. Please pray for the adjusted “at home” learning of the schoolkids. The masks, quarantine, etc have disrupted life in the public square however on the ranch it is business as usual.

- Financial needs:

  • Monthly payments continue for the truck.

  • The bookkeeper and accountant role is necessary to keep us legal.

  • Medical needs that arise.

  • With the growth of the household and the need to finish the other house, we depend on God to increase the budget so we can continue the work our Lord is doing here.

  • A trip to the US to see Karen's mother.

Family Update:

- Pedro has taken the next step into adulthood and has now moved into his own place. He is still at the Ranch often. He is still a paid staff member of the Rayo workforce.

- Angelica is completing her degree in social work and praying for wisdom for her next steps. Her support has been key in securing our legal status with the Government. Her role is a paid position, and we are supporting her studies financially as she completes her degree.

- Esperanza is living independently now, we hear from her occasionally.

- Sulaidy lives just down the road from us, happily married and raising her 3-year-old son. She still frequents the Ranch to help with the kiddos and is also a paid staff member.

- Daniel is enjoying his role on our paid staff as groundskeeper and farmer, taking excellent care of his portion of the Ranch responsibilities.

- Maria continues to thrive as the chef and all-around support for the Rayo family.

- Lucia is working as a nurse and praying about where to take the next step in her career.

We deeply value the partnership from all of you who pray with us, for us, and support us on many levels. We are called to do what we are doing, and it is a great encouragement to know there are those who support the Lord’s work we are all blessed to be a part of.

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