August Adventures at Rayo 2021

8.22.21 Early this month, Mike returned from Florida. Karen presently remains in Florida caring for her dad & precious, but ailing mom. Please pray for Karen & her parents to have the joy of the Lord and continued encouragement as Karen serves them. Mike is busy with many details at the Ranch, so feel free to reach out to him with some encouragement when you're able. ( )

We have FREQUENT Birthdays!

Joshua turned THREE! Everyone decorated the church area, & enjoyed a fun party with cake for everyone to

share. He loves to ride the horses with an appropriate teacher, plays with cars and enjoys the other children too. He’s so happy, plays games, and gives Mike and Karen LOTS of joy as their “grandson.” Joshua OFTEN calls out, “PAPA” & wants to spend time with Mike. If Mike & Karen are off property he sometimes asks to make a video call with lots of hugs & kisses.

We are blessed that he & his Mama are in our lives, growing to serve the Lord in daily life and work! It would be great to PRAY for Joshua to grow strong in the Lord and seek Jesus with all his heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE JOSHUA.

More Birthdays!

MARIA, our chef, who has been with us since a young teen, celebrated her birthday last week too. She chose a Chinese restaurant for her birthday meal getaway. Of course, this was directly after she prepared lunch for approximately 20 staff, family, and children. Of course, she does this daily!

On this birthday, she is still in her 20’s and such a joyful delight to have on our team! She & her siblings came to live with us about 11 years ago, but she & her brother are now amazing parts of our support system! We are so thankful God orchestrated her training to be our Chef, and what a great cook she is! Her hard work & consistency are important to the core of our mission.

Maria lives & works to please the Lord and is a joy to be around. Did we say she has a lovely singing voice too?!!! Pray for her to continue being a strong encouragement to others as she helps many people each day and lives her life for the Lord! We are so thankful God has provided her as our chef.


Praise Reports – Celebrate with us!

* FIRST OFFICIAL CHILD SPONSORS.. Won't you consider the same?

With God's guidance, we are presently helping eight babies & young ones who have recently joined our home. PRAISE THE LORD for protection of their innocent, delicate lives.

God sent EACH of our children, past & present, to help US grow in Him and to guide them in following the Lord Jesus personally.

God has already provided our FIRST official Child Sponsor from the U.S., though things have been in place for just a short time. We are so grateful to this neat couple in Florida for answering the Lord's prompting, We thank the Lord for continuing to strengthen HIS work here at the Ranch through so many prayer warriors and partners.

* Since the Rheas visit to Florida was unexpectedly extended, the Staff team at the Ranch kept the Ranch going in full speed & conquered many challenges & responsibilities. The Staff, & our adult family, put in lots of overtime while “M & K” were away. They solved problems that arose & successfully cared for the new children so well (and the ranch too). The regular Ranch tasks and obligations did not change even though 2 adults (Karen & Mike) were missing from the equation.

This is a reminder of the preciousness of our Staff. What a blessing from God it has been to raise most of them and NOW watch with JOY as they step out in Service to The Lord. We are overjoyed seeing them as they care for the needs of others.

* A “VERY SPECIAL Thank you” for your diligence and continued dedication extended to everyone involved:

o Chevete & Ruby with Alison

o Angelica & little Joshua

o Maria, Michael, Lucia, Pedro, Dan & even Daniella (Suliedy)

It has been a relief and a great blessing to have you as our family and now our Staff too! (Supporters, please continue praying for each of our Staff to seek Jesus in all they do.


As you read, please lift up the following Prayer Needs to the Lord:

* U.S. Family members in need of Salvation & growth in Jesus

* Mikes parents have some difficult health challenges

* Karen’s parents aging and a serioius illness.

*The Little ones to have healing from trauma & life changes, and learn to walk in JOY as only Jesus gives. *House parents to be sent by the Holy Spirit and to KNOW the Lord’s call on their lives, as soon as His timing


* For Mike, Karen, Staff, & Family to walk diligently with God’s divine direction.

* For our Board of Directors to hear from the Lord as they guide us with future happenings.

We are thankful for all of you who keep in touch. Please reach out with your prayer needs and requests. Please know we gather to pray for our partners and bring you before the Lord each week.

Ranch Animls, livestock & pets You'll see lots of interaction with animals here. Remember, this interaction is theraputic and relievs lots of the trauma associated with the childrens' life challenges. Also, caring for animals & household pets on a regular basis teaches Nurturing, Responsibility, Caring for others, and Consistency. The children receive AND GIVE lots of joy as they interact and enjoy the animals at the Ranch.

Feel free to email us anytime. YOU ARE INVITED to come help with maintenance, evangelical outreach and other programs. We love hearing from you. Contact us soon

Sending Blessings with the Lord at the reins, Mike & Karen Rhea,

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