Fall Update

Reason We’re Here

Almost ½ of Guatemalans live in poverty. The results of being a third-world nation-in-poverty have led to: inefficient or non-existent health care, lack of clean water, poor education, and so much more. These factors make it challenging for parents to maintain good jobs or feed the family. Just as in the U.S., this often leads to substance abuse, addiction as well as abandonment, neglect & abuse of children (and family). However, we have seen and are seeing miracles and restoration to the contrary at Rayo de Esperanza. We are excited to see God’s miracles in action and excitedly give him the Praise!

Thru the rancho we have seen the Lord work in countless ways. Our favorite miracles here are our grown Guatemalan children. With God’s direction, they have answered the Lord’s call to serve Jesus with their lives. It’s amazing to see the transformation in EACH of their hearts as they came to Salvation in Jesus, seek Him daily, walk with Him - even through challenging life-lessons. Thank you for standing & working beside us for God’s glory in these lives. We continually Praise God for His miracles.

Celebrating Progress

In September, Karen and Mike took Angelica to the City to file some tedious paperwork for further licensing & official requirements. It is a blessing that Angelica has a gift for accomplishing administrative tasks AND is a certified bilingual secretary. We thought we needed 3 days to take care of all the business in Guatemala City (5+ hour drive from our home), but we were startled & surprised when we were able to complete the required documents & applications during the first morning there! What a miracle and a welcome BLESSING!

You may see on social media is that there is a small but steady progress on our second Orphan Home. This summer, and also recently, we worked on making the bathrooms nice, installing doors, and more. It’s a joy to see Pedro, Chevete and the ranch staff continue the work that will change orphans' lives.

As the Lord promises, He accomplishes what HE WANTS to be completed. We give him all the Glory here in this and all things. We all THANK HIM for His faithfulness.

We continue to seek the Lord to guide our new certifications for the orphanage and the many details involved. We ask for His continued guidance, open doors, and humble hearts through the challenges that come our way.

Home Life in Seja, Rio Dulce

Some of the sweetest blessings are seeing our grandchildren grow. We have precious ones in the U.S. but also feel blessed to participate in the lives of our Guatemalan grandchildren!

It’s unbelievable that a new generation here is being restored from poverty and abandonment, to following Jesus and grow to serve Him.

Angelica’s little son, Joshua, had his FIRST Birthday at the end of August! We celebrated with lots of family fun. It is such a joy watching him grow! Angelica realizes the importance of following the Lord with her whole life, and is listening to her Heavenly Father as He helps her raise this precious boy.

Our Guatemalan daughter, Danelia (Suliedy), and her husband have an adorable little boy, Adrian. They live nearby, love the Lord and are guiding their toddler to seek Jesus. Life in Guatemala can be quite challenging, but they know the importance of putting Jesus first and serving Him. What a joy to see these new generations “Thriving in Jesus!”

Reserve Space on our Volunteer-Team Calendar

We have our calendar ready to reserve dates for visiting teams during Holidays, Spring, Spring Break, & more. Would you like to join us here? Send a message; We’d love to chat & put your reservation on the calendar.

We are thrilled that an upcoming team plans to hold a Biblical Counseling Workshop in SPANISH for us and our staff. This will encourage each of us in our Christian walk, but will train us with new skills to guide our future resident-children. It’s important for our “home team” to be on the same page as we nurture the young and vulnerable children who join our family. Learning more about the healing offered in Biblical principles teaches us ways to encourage healthy & strong family-life with Jesus leading the way. We are so excited to GROW AND LEARN!

Please join us for any of the opportunities such as: VBS, building projects, automobile maintenance, painting, feeding programs, outreach, in-school puppet shows, dental programs, medical clinics, street ministry, teaching English, hygiene education outreach, and more… did we say building projects!

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