Summer Happenings

Dear Friends, We are so thankful for the Lord’s mercy & grace in guiding us. This orphanage, HIS orphanage, has brought us such joy and caused us to personally grow in the Lord. As the ranch/orphanage grows to serve more children who need a Christian home, we thank you for partnering with us and praying fervently with us for God’s continuing work here.

Reason We’re Here Christian, family-style, orphanage homes are rare & Guatemalan orphans need the consistent love of Jesus in a healthy family. Our vision is to provide the opportunity of changed lives for children here at Rayo de Esperanza. We are humbled to serve the Lord in helping whoever He sends our way.

Travel & Sharing Our hearts are full, as we return to Guatemala from a very recent visit to Florida & California. We were BLESSED to visit churches, family and GRANDCHILDREN! Below are some pictures to share of the cherished time spent in the states.

We also shared in Sarasota with a couple churches and are grateful for the nurturing love of the Body of Christ. We were encouraged to connect with so many of prayer warriors & loved ones. Please reach out to us soon. We want to know how to pray for you too!

Home Life Our children are busy with a variety of life experiences. It's such an ENCOURAGEMENT to see each of them walking with the Lord & growing strong in daily life.

Please remember each of them in prayer, as we seek God & assist them in becoming strong men and women of God!

  • Michael (14) who is joyful, energetic & needs encouragement in school.

  • Danny (16) is resilient & would enjoy a strong friendship as an extra blessing from the Lord.

  • Esperanza (19) is kind & gentle spirit. Pray she is encouraged by God’s direction & calling for her career.

  • Pedro (19) has a sense of humor & his translating skills are a strong help with visiting teams. Pray for him to continue fervently serving the Lord as he works in our community as an electrician.

  • Lucia (22) is joyful & doing well in nursing school. Pray she obeys God’s leading to serve Him in her career

  • Angelica (25) is a certified, bilingual secretary working with the ranch on multiple projects. She’s a great mom to her adorable son, Joshua - who has just turned One! Pray for her strength as she juggles being a godly mom & a diligent worker.

  • Maria (25) has a lovely singing voice & happy demeanor. She’s our Chef and keeps the household in order. Pray for her to know God’s presence & companionship while daily serving Him.

  • Mike & Karen (age: older than dirt !!) Pray for us to receive our strength from the Lord for our work and family life. We love it ALL & always need His strength and His vision for the work ahead.

Pray & Partner with Us

As you have heard, our focus in the coming months is to continue work on the licensing & certification process for expanding to serve more children more efficiently & comprehensively. We are excited for this goal to raise more children with Jesus’ love.

Certification is lots of work & lots of waiting too. We know the Lord will complete it in His perfect time!

With the Lord’s leading, we will pray God’s best for the needs to be met. Please contact us as you feel led to help in the following areas:

  • Regular “Rayo” Prayer-partners

  • Seeking house-parents for 2 homes of 6-8 children each.

  • Monthly Sponsors for day-to-day Ranch functions, including fees for certification process during expansion.

  • Children’s Student-Education Sponsorships

  • Mission teams for building projects.

  • Directors’ housing

  • An Office building required for social worker & secretarial workspace.

  • Completion of last stages on 2nd orphan home

  • Bunk house for mission teams

Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer for God’s provision and His leading each step of the way. Consider sharing this with friends who would pray about potential house-parenting and other helps areas. As God leads, please become a monthly partner with us in guiding the young ones to the feet of Jesus.

We would love to hear from you!!!Messages to our children are welcome, as it’s healthy for them to hear from friends! Pease send an Email or IM (via Facebook). We will be glad to take time on a phone call with you as well; just reach out via Email to schedule that.

We thank you for your strong prayers, support, and participation.

We pray the Lord blesses each of you & keeps you in His care. Our family prays for you all as we serve the Savior!

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