Rayo de Esperanza ~ 2018 Fall Update

Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for this ministry and the work the Lord is doing here. He is answering prayers daily and we know that we could never do what we are doing without this team of prayer warriors. We also want to thank those teams who come to minister to the children here and to the community around us, spreading the love of a Jesus in a tangible way. And to our team of financial supporters who give selflessly each month. We thank our Lord for your faithfulness that allows this ministry to continue. Here is an update of what the Lord has been doing:

After the dust settles from a busy summer of Short-Term teams, some may wonder what happens at Rancho Esperanza? We go back to our normal routine, although there is no “normal” here, we go on doing what God has called us here to do. We continue to take care of the children God has entrusted in our care, and to share the gospel to all those with whom we come into contact.

New Life

On August 17th we welcomed Joshua to our family and he had a rough start to life outside the womb. He spent over a week in the hospital with fever and infection, and we want to thank all of you who prayed so fervently for him during this time. We are thankful to the Lord that He answered our prayers and healed him from his sickness. He just turned two months old and he is a precious baby!

Visit to the States

Jon made his first visit to the States in August to renew his visa, visit family and friends, and speak at a couple churches during his short stay. Thank you to Community Chapel of Hendersonville and Gap Creek Baptist Church for hosting him at your church and giving him the opportunity to share with your congregation the many ways that the Lord is working here at the Ranch.


After a teaching about baptism and the importance of making that public profession of faith, Maria and Angelica wanted to be baptized at a baptism service planned for Sunday, September 23rd. After the service and before the baptism, Pedro came forward as well to be baptized. Mike and Jon had the great blessing of baptizing them and when they were finished, two young men from the local community came forward as well, so at the end of the morning, 5 young people were baptized!


English Classes

We have started giving free English classes for the children on the Ranch as well as the local community. Karen is teaching the class for the children and Jon is teaching the class for the adults. We have several children, teens and adults that are coming for classes and it is a great way to share the love of Jesus in a way that is practical and valuable to our community.

Medical Team

Our friends from Springs Fellowship in Lubbock, Texas brought a small medical team to the Ranch the first week in October. With a doctor and physician’s assistant, they were able to

see over 120 patients in the 3 days that they were here. During the waiting time, the gospel message was shared with the patients and they were prayed with and prayed over during their time here. One highlight from this trip was from a young boy who had problems with drainage and blood from his nose for about 2 years. During the checkup, Doctor Tyler discover a piece of plastic lodged in his nose and was able to remove it bringing immediate relief to the little boy.

Upcoming Short-term Teams

We have a few teams coming in over the next few months that we are looking forward to seeing.

  • Kelley will be bringing a small team from Greenville, South Carolina to do construction work on the house from November 13th – 20th.

  • The Owen Family will be coming as representatives of Gap Creek Baptist Church in South Carolina from December 5th – 14th to bring the gifts donated during their Angel Tree event. They will also be working on construction projects for the new house.

  • Community Chapel of Greenville has a trip planned for January 11th – 19th, bringing a construction team, and a team of volunteers to do a ministry event for the community.

Community Support

It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s a special feeling. We had a donation of solar panels from a local Guatemalan company and they have been very helpful in reducing

the cost of electricity at the Ranch. Last week we had the opportunity to take the kids to lunch at a local restaurant and during lunch a man seated across from us was leaving but turned around and said, “I have paid for the lunch for all the children.” The blessing is not in the amount but in the heart that says, “I want to help.” Praise the Lord for the hearts of those that see the need and want to help.

New House Update

The windows have been installed and they look great! This was a hurdle that took a while to get over but now that this job is complete we are looking forward to getting through the remaining tasks to get this house finished and opened up to receive more children! Here is a list of the remaining projects:

Internal Projects

  1. Paint ~ With the windows installed we can now move forward with the painting of the interior of the house.

  2. Plumbing ~ We have purchased the materials to do the interior plumbing, so we’ll be starting this project soon.

  3. Floors / Bathroom showers and walls ~ Ceramic tiles are used here so we’ll need people skilled in installing tiles. The cost for this project is estimated at about $3600 for materials and labor.

  4. Kitchen Counters ~ We are currently looking for a local source to build and install so we don’t have a price for these yet.

  5. Doors ~ We have started getting proposals for all the doors for the house and it’s going to be about $2600 for the purchase and installation of all the doors (9 single interior doors, 1 exterior single door, and 2 exterior double doors.)

  6. Ceilings

  7. Insulation and paneling for main room

  8. Drop ceilings for bedrooms

  9. Appliances / Furniture

External Projects

  1. Main Power ~ Cable was donated by Utility Partners in Greer and is ready to go. We are working with the electrician who installed the interior wiring to get him back down to do this installation as well.

  2. Septic System

Salvation is Free…

There’s a saying, “Salvation is free, but ministry takes money.” With the increase in activity, new children, and aging buildings, vehicles, and equipment, the budget for the ranch is increasing. The Lord has provided for the needs of the Ranch from the start and we trust that He will continue to provide for His work. If you would like to help support the work He is doing here, please visit our website at www.rayodeesperanza.org for the link to give online or the address to send donations.

Thank you again for your support of Rancho Esperanza!

Mike & Karen Rhea

Jon & Kelley Williamson

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