What an awesome day we had yesterday at Iglesia de Esperanza!!! We have been studying through the gospel of Luke since I started here back in June. About a month ago we were talking about baptism and I encouraged the church to read, think and pray about their own baptism and whether they need to be obedient to the Lord’s command to be baptized. I explained that this was a symbol for us of our new life in Christ and it happens after we make

that decision to ask God for forgiveness for our sin and make the declaration that Jesus is our Lord.

When I returned home from the States, I scheduled a baptism and asked them to talk to me if they wanted to be baptized. Angelica and Maria talked to me one night about it and told me that they had been baptized before, as children, but wanted to be baptized by their own decision.

We took what was going to be a watering trough for the horses, cleaned it up and filled it with water to use as our baptismal. (This is Rancho Esperanza!) We had our morning service which happened to be Luke, Chapter 3 about John baptizing the people, and after the service Pedro told me that he would also like to be baptized!

After the morning service, we went out to the baptismal and Mike and I baptized Maria, Angelica, and Pedro. When we finished, Jonathan, one of the young people that has been involved with the church, the youth ministry, and recently made a confession of faith in Jesus, came forward and wanted to be baptized as well! But we weren’t finished yet because after Jonathan, another young man, Oliver, who also recently made a confession of faith in Jesus came forward to be baptized!

At the end of the service, five young people made their faith known publicly by being obedient to the Lord in baptism and declaring that they are followers of Jesus Christ. We are so excited about this day and what the Lord is going to do in the lives of these young moving forward!

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