A Dedication to the Lord

On Sunday, September 9th, we made a special dedication to the Lord. Angelica asked to have Joshua's dedication and in a very special way, it "happened" to be the day that we were studying through Luke 2:22 - 38 when Mary & Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be presented to the Lord.

That name Jesus, or Yeshua in Hebrew, means "The Lord Saves" and Joshua is a variant of the name that means the same. A very applicable name for both as baby Jesus was God dwelling among us who would bring salvation to all who call upon His name.

For baby Joshua, he had a very difficult entrance into the world and spent over a week in the hospital, some of that in intensive care with high fevers, pneumonia, and infections. It was a very difficult time for everyone here but particularly for Angelica who for much of that time could not be with her son as she was here recovering from her C-Section.

The call went out for prayer and all of our friends and families went to the knees on to intercede for Joshua, and for Angelica. Those prayers were answered and the Lord saved baby Joshua, and brought him home to be with us.

Now each time we call his name, "Joshua" we will remember how the Lord saved him and will forever be grateful for this precious gift.

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